A New Life Conference at Faith OPC in Long Beach

A New Life Conference at Faith OPC in Long Beach


Here are links to the three talks on Friday and Saturday at A New Life Conference in Long Beach, CA held on April 1–2, 2022.

Talk 1: A New Life: Evangelism and the Foundations of Discipleship: https://youtu.be/IrmJaRB-f5w

Talk 2: Praying—Together—the Promises: https://youtu.be/WeuWt0Y8Z8k

Talk 3: Continuance in Justification: https://youtu.be/B7Vio433lw0

Here is a link to the Sunday Morning Service on April 3 entitled “The Great Uncovering”: https://www.faithopc.org/content.cfm?page_content=downloads_include.cfm&download_id=14671

Here is a link to the Sunday Evening Service entitled “Begging for Bread”: https://www.faithopc.org/content.cfm?page_content=downloads_include.cfm&download_id=14672

I’ve worked for the past couple years to develop this material into a semester long course. This was my first attempt at a seminar length presentation.

I would like to keep working on these three areas as an expression of my own desperate and continuing need of each of them.

Also I would like to deepen my understanding of these as I learn, through teaching, to speak more clearly and graciously about what the Lord has placed on my own heart and mind from research into the life and ministry of Jack Miller.

Thoughts and criticism are needed and (mostly) welcome!

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