Next Steps in Ministry—Ministry Data Forms, Curriculum Vitae and Resume

Next Steps in Ministry—Ministry Data Forms, Curriculum Vitae and Resume

After completing “Cheer Up! The Life and Ministry of Jack Miller,” it is time to consider next steps in ministry—something I’ve prayed about for several months.

The ordinary means of candidating is to send a Ministry Data Form (MDF) to the denomination’s Administrative Committee who then matches and sends to churches looking for a new pastor or to post one’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) on a site like the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS).

Recently, I was reading an unpublished article by Jack Miller in which he described the danger of pursuing positions and titles and how easily these can turn into idols. What was Jack’s recommendation? Rather than pursuing them, let a position or title come to you.

My immediate (sarcastic) thought was, “Thanks Jack … that’s really helpful!”

Providentially, Rose Marie Miller, came to a timely rescue. Rose Marie encouraged me to continue in pastoral and teaching ministry so that I can share with others what I had learned from eight years of research, study and writing about her husband.

She then gave some good advice: “Ask those who have prayed for you and helped you with Jack’s biography to pray for you and where the Lord would next call you to minister to His people.”

Common sense advice, right?

My wife, Vicki, and I are in agreement. We hope and pray the Lord will use us in ministry with emphases on teaching, preaching, evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, missions, and writing.

I’ve attached my latest MDF, CV, and resume. These documents have brief information about a lot of things.

Would you pray for us specifically about next steps in ministry—inside or outside the US; preaching or teaching in a local church setting, on the mission field, or in a seminary or college context.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration.

Love in Christ, Mike and Vicki Graham

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