“Finished Work” — April 7, 2021 Sermon for Ann Marie (Myer) Graham

“Finished Work” — April 7, 2021 Sermon for Ann Marie (Myer) Graham

Born March 28, 1937. Reborn in Christ July 16, 1953. Died April 4, 2021

To give due credit, I found a sermon Jack Miller preached three decades ago by the same title—“Finished Work”—immensely helpful to me during this trying time.

While my Mom was in Hospice, I listened to Jack’s sermon and read thru and meditated upon the book of Ecclesiastes three or four times throughout the week before my mother died.

Though I do not feel I captured the gentleness and love and authority expressed by Jack in my own adaptation of his sermon, several people asked for me to share the message I preached at Mom’s funeral.

May the Spirit of the sovereign Lord bless, convict, and apply His glorious grace to the hungry hearts of those who hear it.

“Finished Work” by Mike Graham on April 7, 2021 preached at his Mom’s funeral.

Love in Christ, Mike

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